tree trimming before and after

Joe’s Tree Service performs tree trimming Springfield MO and surrounding. Our arborists can safely and efficiently take care of all your tree trimming and pruning needs. We trim trees according to ANSI & ISA standards for their long term health and aesthetics. Joe’s Tree Service makes pruning cuts at the proper place with the right technique. Each tree is trimmed on an individual basis to insure it looks natural and beautiful when we’re finished. When not using an aerial lift our arborists use ANSI certified climbing equipment to safely trim your trees without spikes. Call (417)496-4424 or use contact form for your free estimate today.

Trimming services offered:  Thinning, deadwood removal, crown raising, crown reduction, crown restoration, formative pruning, clearance from your phone, power, and cable lines, or removing some problem limbs that overhang undesired areas.

Keeping your trees properly trimmed is essential to their long term health. Deadwood and broken stubs left on trees will rot the tree while also drawing insects. Many of our customers have been amazed at how large damaged limbs turn out to be hollow after we put the pieces on the ground. A proper clean cut at the collar is much better for the tree than the ragged stubs left when limbs break off.

Since the trees in your yard usually do not have much competition for space and sunlight they tend to spread much larger and thicker than they do growing in a forest. This causes them to often have too much weight for the tree to support in high winds and adverse weather conditions leading to main branch breakage and tree trunk splitting. If your tree is already cracked, we may be able to save it by adding stability and support with bolting, and cabling techniques. But the best way to avoid tree and property damage is by keeping your trees properly trimmed. So when your trees need care there’s only one thing to know. CALL THE PROS AT JOE’S at (417)496-4424 or use the contact form today.