Joe’s Tree Service performs tree removal Springfield MO. Joe’s will be able to safely get the job done even in the most difficult locations. Trees hanging over structures, in tight spots, or in the back yard. No problem. We specialize in removing trees the others can’t. Call (417)496-4424 or use contact form for your free estimate today.

We love trees, but like all living things they have a lifespan, get diseases, and can suffer injuries from mother nature.  Then there are the trees that are too close to structures, in your way, or that you just don’t like. We can help you decide whether it would be better to remove or trim your tree.

Many houses have large species like maple, oak, and walnut planted near the corners by the subdivision developer who did not consider the problems this would cause the home owner 40 years later. There will be a chance of foundation or driveway damage if the wrong species of tree is growing too close.

Stump grinding is available with our removal service and we can also replant with something suitable to the location if desired.

Tree removal in an urban setting is a job containing many hazards that should be performed only by experienced professionals. Our experienced crews are licensed and insured for your peace of mind and ours.  CALL THE PROS AT JOE’S at (417)496-4424 or use the contact form for a free estimate.