Joes Tree Service stump removal no cleanupJoe’s Tree Service performs stump grinding Springfield MO and surrounding. If you are tired of that ugly old stump in your way or want a stump ground during a tree removal, we can provide everything from basic grinding service to full cleanup and reseeding/replanting.  We can safely remove both the stump and roots so that they are no longer a trip hazard or obstacle to mow around.  Our efficient hydraulic grinders can grind even the largest stumps over a foot below grade and drive through a three foot gate for good back yard access.  Wherever your problem stump is located just give us a call and we can make that problem disappear.


Joe’s Tree Service has the best stump grinding and removal prices in Springfield.  Our minimum charge is $75 for small jobs.  Stump grinding is priced by the diameter of the stump.   Stumps are measured at the widest part as pictured below.

stumpmeasureBasic grinding services leave the chips where they fall.  You may wish to keep and use the chips around your yard, or for an extra charge we can remove them for you.  We can also replant with a species that is appropriate to the location or spread dirt and seed the area to match its surroundings.  Give us a call at (417)496-4424 or use contact form for a free estimate today.